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Finally I decided to do this.
Currently I have much free time, so I do not mind doing something for others.

I want you to note that I am not a professional, but I am able to do certain things.

So, I offer to do:
Cosplay pieces, accessories and customizing wigs.
I want to make clear that certain things I am not able to do, for measurement conflict or inexperience.
For example, I do not armor or tight clothes.

About wigs there is no problem. The only thing is that you have to know that it could take some time because I need to buy, recieve it, customize and then send it again.

If you are interested, you can send me a note.
Talk around all points to be clarified, doubts or anything.

Thank you very much!!
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~Again I go to Japan Expo!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 4, 2012, 12:21 PM


This year I return to Japan Expo (París), with my friends ♥
This time I will go to the event two days, Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday we will go with the cosplays of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, doing a crossover.

~Final Fantasy VII:
*:iconsora-phantomhive:/me as Aerith Gainsborough (FFVII version)
*:iconsheenasymphonia: as: Zack Fair ( 1st Class SOLDIER) <- MY PRECIOUS ZACK ♥♥♥♥♥♥ OMG I LOVE YOU!
*:iconmordier: (my partner of WCS) as Cid Highwind. (Advent Children version)

~Final Fantasy X:
*:iconzephyrdaius: as Jecht. (FFX version)
*:iconrikkutsukino: as Rikku (FFX-2 version)

~Kingdom Hearts:
:iconarib-rabbit: as Sora (KHII version)

On sunday we go with the cosplays of Kingdom Hearts:
:iconsora-phantomhive:/me as Aerith Gainsborugh (KHI version)
:iconarib-rabbit: as Sora (KHII version)
:iconsheenasymphonia: as Riku (KHII version)

And :iconrikkutsukino: will go cosplayed of Panty, from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (Angel version).

Here some pictures from my cosplay of Aerith:

Aerith Gainsborough - Serenity by Sora-Phantomhive   Aerith Gainsborough - Lifestream by Sora-Phantomhive

Aerith Gainsborough - Waiting... by Sora-Phantomhive FFVII - Midgar Sector 0 by Sora-Phantomhive

If anyone around here goes, tell me something please! I hope to see and meet new people!
Thanks for reading! ♥♥

*Special thanks to: :iconxblackhayatex: <- hahaha ♥


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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 8:14 PM


I'm alive, hahaha!!
Sorry, as my English is very bad, never update the journal >___<

Well...I want to explain a few things ^^

These months have been tough.
With good things, but above all bad things.
It was a time a little difficult for me. With health problems among other things...

But luckily, and now things are much better.


This year, I was participated in the World Cosplay Summit Spain.
With mi friend Mordier [not DA].
Me as Link and Mordier as Ganondorf.
From The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

Link and Ganondorf - Performance by Sora-Phantomhive

Really I'm very happy now.
Finally I fulfilled one of my dreams.
This game meant a lot to me in my life...And that day, was very wonderful.
Thanks to Mordier, by doing so I could fulfill this dream
Precisely this.
A very special 'gift' on their part. Something I will never forget and I will be eternally grateful.

Thanks to :iconrinoa003: also for the great support.
For the emotions.
For mourn with me, once I finished my performance.
And for making me a little gift that meant so much to me.

Thanks to :iconzephyrdaius: also for all the support!
And for all the help!!
Without it, many things would not have been possible >___<

And thanks also :iconhauntedking: and :iconchocorabbit: for all the support.
For all the days we were working on both projects. For all those wonderful days laughing and working...
Thanks a lot, my friends >___< *cries*

Still no photos of these cosplays, but when we do the photo shoot, I'll upload the photos very fast!! ^^


A month ago, I was working on a Stand.
Exactly at the 'Salon III Manga Murcia'. In another city, far from where I live.
I was there working, with my Nia and Etna cosplay.
Really was very funny! But was also a bit stressful. xDD
Anyway, it's a job I liked and a new experience ^ ^

Nia Teppelin - Smile by Sora-Phantomhive   Etna - Disgaea Cosplay by Sora-Phantomhive

This past weekend, there was an event in Barcelona.
There I was with :iconhauntedking:, :iconchocorabbit: :iconkai-cosplay: and others.
It was also fun :3
For many years I wanted to do cosplay Aerith and finally I could do for these dates! *____*

Aerith Gainsborough - Waiting... by Sora-Phantomhive   Aerith Gainsborough - Smile by Sora-Phantomhive

I have little to finish xDDD

I am currently planning a new cosplay *A*!!
I'm very excited!! ♥♥

I recently had a page on facebook.
If someone wants to visit and comment is welcome ^ ^
Facebook's page: ->…
And if you want to ask anything, can be done from Formspring:
Formspring ->…

Well, finally I'm done :3!!

Thank you to everyone who made me Watch, which add to favorites add my pictures and comments on them.
Thank you very much everyone! :*********

See ya~!! ♥

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Nex Destiny: Japan Expo~!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2011, 3:48 PM
I'm alive, yeaah!! Hahaha xD

I have the DeviantArt a bit neglected and abandoned.
But I'm here to report everything again.
[Sorry if my english is bad, I hope that you can understand me ;__;]

Well...The Day 1,2 and 3, I go to París. For visit the Japan Expo ^^
But only I'll attend one day at the event, the Saturday 2.
I'll go with Nia Cosplay from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:

Nia Teppelin - Smile by Sora-Phantomhive Nia - Thinking of you by Sora-Phantomhive

I have really wanted to go! *____*

Taking another topic:
A few weeks ago, I participated in the Contest 'Otaku House Cosplay Idol'', with my Nia Cosplay. I am very happy to have participated.
Because they asked me for an interview for your blog, and was published today.
******This is the interview:…
******And if you wanna vote me, this is the link:…

Currently I am working with my new projects of Cosplay.
The first project is a Nia Teppelin, Wedding version from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
And the next cosplay is Siesta 45 from Umineko No Naku Koro Ni.
In late July, I'll finished the cosplay and take photos at the event ^^

So, that's all.
******If you wanna ask me anything, you can ask in my formspring:…

See ya~!!

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With a lot of work today! GOGO!!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 23, 2011, 5:07 PM
Hello people!!

Finally I updated my journal xD
I don't usually update my journal because my English is very bad :__D Sorry >_<
I just hope to understand what I write, hahaha xD

Well, currently I am doing the Cosplay of Princess Peach from Super Mario 64. -> Princess Peach - Preview by Sora-Phantomhive

When I finish, I'll do the Alice Cosplay, from Alice in Wonderland.

And if I have time [ hopefully ] I'll continue with the Cosplay of Rukia, from Bleach [ shinigami version ]. -> Kuchiki Rukia - Preview2 by Sora-Phantomhive

I have a LOT of work. All this is for late February and early March T_____T
I just hope that everything goes well, I mean ..that the outcome of the cosplays are...DECENT :_D

When I go of Peach, my partner cosplayer :iconaliciamigueles: she will go of Rosalina/Rosetta from Mario Galaxy.
And when I go of Alice, she will go of Yasmin from Aladdin.

I have really wanted to go to the event! *___*!!

Well, nothing more to say :3

SPAM: If you have any questions ->…

See ya~

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Otakhristmas and Cosplay Performance~

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 20, 2010, 12:03 PM
Hi again ^^!!

This weekend, has been the Otakhristmas III in barcelona.
Me and Teikei Cosplay Group, we participed in the cosplay contest.
With Cosplays of Kuroshitsuji.

:iconsora-phantomhive: as Alois Trancy.
:iconaliciamigueles: as Ciel Phantomhive.
:iconjavierqc: as Claude Faustus.
:iconchocorabbit: as Undertaker.
:iconhauntedking: as Ciel Phantomhive [ Demon ].

We win in the category of group *A*!! We are very happy! Becasue the Awards are very great <3

Although for lack of time, we only took a couple of photos T__T
So, the photoshoot we left for later.

Well, here is the link of performance:…

And the link of Teikei Cosplay Group Facebook:…

Sorry if my english is bad T__TU

Thank you very much for reading ^^
And if you want contact us, please add ;D

See ya~

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Facebook: Teikei Cosplay.

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 29, 2010, 4:18 PM
Hi again~ :3

The group Teikei Cosplay Group, we have created a facebook for our group:…

This facebook is of Cosplay, photos, videos of performances, cosplay processes and projects.

If you want to add us or stay in contact us, feel free to do ^-^

Members of group:
:iconsora-phantomhive: :iconaliciamigueles:
:iconhauntedking: :iconchocorabbit: :iconkuroii0:

Thank you very much~

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Teikei Cosplay Group~

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 23, 2010, 9:23 AM
I finally premmium *A*!!

This journal is for to explain that:
We have formed a group of Cosplay.
The name is: Teikei Cosplay Group.
The members are:

:iconsora-phantomhive: :iconaliciamigueles: :iconjavierqc: <- only sometimes
:iconhauntedking: :iconchocorabbit: :iconkuroii0:

For the Salón del Manga, we did cosplay group of Vocaloid, Servant Of Evil.
We participated in the Cosplay contest, but we did not have time to take pictures.
This weekend, there other event in my city. <- they all come to my house to sleep xDDDDDD
We use again the Servant of Evil Cosplay, so take good pictures this time :3

For December, we are planning a new performance with Kuroshitsuji I and II.

We are very happy and hopeful for all the projects we have together *A*!!

This is our group performance, of Servant of Evil:… <- the video is recorded by a person random of the event xDD

Well...thanks for visit my DevianArt ^-^!!

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Hi~!! :3
Finally I update my Journal xDDD!! *Do a Party*
[ By the way, I REMEMBER that my English is bad :__D ]

Well...Offtopic Part:

The day 6-10-10 :iconaliciamigueles: and :iconsora-phantomhive:, we have made 3 years our anniversary.

That was the day we met.
From that day we have been best friends / partner cosplayer.
This weekend, we celebrated the anniversary doing the Photoshoot of Alois x Ciel ♥
We are very happy ^^ and we hope that the photos are to your liking.
[ Thanks for the faves ^^!!! ]

The day 17 is my birthday and the day 22 on Aly.
On 29 October until the day 1 of November, is the Salón del Manga of Barcelona.
[ I love October *__* ♥ ]

We are finishing our cosplays.
For the first time, we will participate in the World Cosplay Summit. <- We are very nerve.

*Right now I'm finishing these cosplays:
- Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II [ a bit impromptu ^^U ]
- Kagamine Len [ Servant of Evil ] from Vocaloid.
*:iconaliciamigueles: as Kagamine Rin.
*:iconreito9sama: as Hatsune Miku.
*:iconchocorabbit: as Kaito.
*:iconkuroii0: as Meiko.
[ We act as group for to the cosplay contest. ]
- Will of Abyss from Pandora hearts.
*:iconaliciamigueles: as Alive B-Rabbit.
- Debitto from D.Gray-Man.
*:iconaliciamigueles: as Jasdero.

When the event ends, I'll upload  the photos and videos :3

Well...nothing more to add >_<
Thanks for reading! :***

†[Sora Phantomhive]†
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[ Lo escribo en español porqué mi inglés es una mierda xD Y me da palo. ]
Estaba esperando este momento para actualizar esto *0* Porqué no soy una persona de contar mi vida por aquí xDU Y como tampoco sé qué poner, actualizo esto para casos como este.

Decir que estoy muy contenta! Porqué no utilizo mucho el DA y hace cosa de un año que lo tengo y ya he recibido 5,011 pageviews! [ <- **EDIT. Que la había liado mil y había puesto ahí una burrada xDDD ] Para muchos no serán gran cosa, pero a mi me hace bastante ilusión >__<

Muchísimas gracias a todos por visitar mi DevianArt, por Watchearme, por los llamas y por agregar a vuestros favoritos mis fotos :3
Gracias de verdad~ <3


Thank you for visit my DevianArt! And thanks also for the Deviantwatch,  Llamas and faves ^^


†[Sora Phantomhive]†
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Bueno, hago esta entrada en Español porqué me da pereza escribirlo en inglés, debido a que mi inglés es muy nulo.
Me autofelicito por aquí, ya que es mi cumpleaños y me hace ilusión xD
Ya van 17 años *____* En fin, y que sean mucho más!

[ Ahora mismo tengo muchísimo estrés debido a los Cosplays [ Anthy Himemiya y Sebastian Michaelis ] para el Salón del Manga T^T así que estoy algo en blanco. ]

Solo eso! xD Así revivo un poco el Journal que lo tengo muy abandonado ya que no suelo explicar mi vida por aquí xDD

Kissus <3

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I’m Sora! It's a pleasure ^^
[ My old DeviantArt was: :iconsorachanheartless: ]

Hhmm…about me:
*I love the manga/anime!!
[ Kuroshitsuji, Nana, One Piece, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Full Metal Alchemist, Ouran KouKou Host Club, Shôjo Kakumei Utena... ]

*And I love also the videogames:
Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda…

*My hobbies are:
Read/watch manga/anime, play to Kingdom Hearts & other games, sing in japanese, draw, do cosplay [ of course ], combed my hair in rare forms and colors [ visual ke hair xD ]...

And my PASSION is the Cosplay *___*  [ of course [ again xD ] ]

[ With my pair cosplayer Aly -> :iconaliciamigueles: ]

*My favourite Films:
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Howl's moving castle, Battle Royale, Rurouni Kenshin Ovas, Shojo Kakumei Utena: Adolescence Mkushiroku., Sweeney Todd, The Nightmare Before Christmas…

*I am a very nice person, fun, friendly...
...And I am a very Otaku xD

That’s all :3
Thanks for watching!
Kisses~ :******

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